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What is Camp Get Fit?

Since 2006, the Camp Get Fit Foundation, 501(c)3 organization, has partnered with several health centered organizations across the State of TN and St. Louis, MO to provide health and wellness services for children ages 4-19, and their parents.
The program is facilitated in the children’s natural environment, such as: schools, camps, community centers, and churches.
The program format includes:

  • Interactive fitness and nutrition lessons
  • Peer Interaction and Discussion
  • Family Participation and Support

Our Programs

Camp Get Fit is not about weight loss, but about providing health strategies that will last campers a life time. Weight loss is a “by product” of living healthy.

Summer Day Camp

The purpose of the Camp Get Fit Summer Day Camp is to demonstrate the impact that a 7 week, eight hours daily program that focuses on health, nutrition and physical activity has on the physical, cognitive, and attitudinal attributes concerning youth. Each week, we have a specific health, nutrition, and fitness focus.

We explore areas such as: the USDA My Plate, Grains, Fruits, Vegetables, the Heart, the Muscles, and the Brain. Old School Fitness and Fast Food Fridays help give campers practical strategies to live healthy.

Better Health Program

This program is a combination of of get fit and live healthy training plus the facilitation of the you health screeenings in collaboration with health providers. The EPSDT screenings, Early Periodic Screening, Diagnosis and Treatment, is a program of checkups and healthcare services for children from birth to age 21 to detect and treat health problems.

This program promotes and delivers health strategies through participatory collaboration for collective impact of improved health for the community and its stakeholders. It incompasses weekly or bi-weekly health, nutrition and fitness training for youth ages 5 – 19 conducted at multiple summer camp, school or community locations.

Smart & Secure Children

This program offering is in collaboration with Satcher Health Leadership Institute at Morehouse School of Medicine.Camp Get Fit by Healthy Kids & Teens and the Smart and Secure Children Parent Mentoring Program (SSC/CGF) is designed to increase the knowledge and skills among parents while mirroring and teaching similar concepts to their children in CGF

This program is a family model designed to actively engage children and their families in building healthy lifestyles, tailored to the realities of urban family life. The goals are to increase parents’ knowledge of child development and social-emotional developmental processes, improve quality parent-child relationships, improve healthy nutrition, physical activity, and parental emotional well-being and leadership



The Unmasking Childhood Obesity Gala

This fundraising event is a grand experience of food, music, and dancing, benefitting the Camp Get Fit Foundation, 501c3 community based organization. The Unmasking Gala goal is to provide collaborative support and funding resources for the programs of Healthy Kids & Teens, Inc.


Fight For Life Play K

A community event highlighting forms of play for the entire family. It includes our Annual 5K and 1 Mile run/walk, Dancing, Rock Climbing, Volleyball, Kickball, Tag Teams, and more! 

 The goal of this event is provide a variety of fun family activities that focuses on physical activity. Demonstrate mutually beneficial collaboration via “collective impact” of community, parents, youth, and seniors.

Stay tuned for information for our 9th Annual Fight For Life Play K!

What We’ve Accomplished

  • Over 5- year period 727.5 lbs. shed in Camp Get Fit summer camp program.
  • 100% Campers increased nutrition knowledge
  • Highest Camper weight reduction 22.1 lbs
  • 43 Community Locations Served in Summer 2018
  • 817 Youth EPSDT Screenings conducted in Summer 2018
  • 1028 Pounds Lost Collectively in Tennessee for Summer 2018.
  • Among the 13 states in collaboration with Morehouse School of Medicine/Satcher Health Institute, HKT’s SSC.CGF leads with the most parent graduates and leaders of SSC. From 2013-2017, 163-Female graduates, 30-Male (TN & MO)
  • HKT has trained 450 CGF Youth in combination with SSC parent program

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